About markfalmouth

      I've been photographing festivals & parties for nearly 7 years now, not your normal commercial big well known ones. I like the smaller, more 'organic' events, although ofcourse there are always, "exceptions to the rule".
      Feeling part of the celebrations of each of the events, as likely to be dancing at 3 in the morning, as taking shots of the morning Yoga, or snapping some kids having a hay battle.

      I aim to take natural portraits of people having a wicked time, wearing beautiful & colourful outfits, that's why my choices are festivals & parties to ply my trade.
      Ofcourse i also do music gigs and theatre photography, and if the right approach is made, it's been known to do the 'odd' wedding, well handfastings really.

      My photos are all taken live, i'm not on a set-up photoshoot.
      Candid, real, natural, as it happens, "you really captured that moment", could describe my photography and has been many times.

      Based in Cornwall, but will travel, i'm available for bookings for your 'party'